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Employment History


2014 - 2014

Marketing Communication/Digital Marketing Manager

Job Description • Responsible to handle all marketing activity plan & manage/supervise Marketing division • Developing plans & writing reports directly to Chief Commercial Officer • Writing copy and proofreading for any related internal marketing content such as blog and press release • Coordinate with other departments and divisions


2012 - 2013

Office Operational Manager

Job Description • Responsible to handle Operational & Support department • Supervising on Human Resource, General Affair, Finance Admin, Public & Community Relation, Information & Communication Technology division • Making plans & writing reports to Chief Executive Officer • Coordinate with other departments and divisions


2009 - 2011

Account Executive/Business Development Officer

Job Description • Handling budgets and maintaining whole projects from external source/client • Negotiating with clients and agency staff about the details of projects • Making business plan and projection of the upcoming work • Making presentation of company’s creative work to clients for approval or modification • Writing reports to Head of Business Development • Coordinate with production team on implementing projects


2010 - now

Independent Worker

Job Description • Responsible to handle & deliver output of outsource projects from copywriting to digital marketing as main service. • Managing, writing, & editing content for online media publishing & social media. • Developing content for corporate website. • Writing various copy and articles for custom publishing such as Margo City, BCA Prioritas, Amagram, and many more.


2005 - 2008

Copywriter/Redaktur Madya

Job Description • Writing copy for advertorials and articles for other promotion materials including custom publishing such as Boulevard for Mal Kelapa Gading, Urbanites for Erha Clinic, and Estetica Indonesia. • Interviewing any related sources e.g. product manager, brand manager, brand ambassador, celebrities, health and beauty expert. • Coordinate work with editor, graphic designer, client service, stylist.

Education History

Universitas Esa Unggul

2001 - 2004


Advertising Lulus dgn IPK 3,57/4,00