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Sound Engineer, Web Development
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About Me

karier utama saya ialah Sound Engineer yang saat ini bekerja di perusahaan audio terbesar di Indonesia. Dengan latar belakang pendidikan dan pengalaman saya, banyak bidang yang sering saya lakukan di waktu luang hingga saat ini. Profil lengkap

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Education History

1999 - 2000


Design Komunikasi Visual

Employment History

PT. Sumber Ria
2013 - now

In House Engineer

When you use our studio, you are getting more than just a nice looking recording facility. You get our expertise, our passion, and dedication to quality. We put a lot of thoughts into making this studio available to our clients, from the beautiful location, world class studio designer, studio engineers, recording equipments, were picked with only the best quality and affordability in mind.

The Rock Cafe Bandung
2008 - 2008

Sound Engineer

Click to edit position descriptionas Sound Enginner at Cafe

PT. Renewal Indonesia
2009 - 2011

Personal Assistant To Director

Assistant Project Manager at Sound System Fix Instalation

E&E Indonesia, Singapore
2012 - 2012

Product Manager & Marketing Communication

Click to edit position descriptionProduct Manager: Selling and promo Community Speaker & My Mix Personal Monitor Marketing Communication: Design for Advertising, Merchandise, Catalogs, Event (Launching Product, Promotion, Audio Knowledge)

PT. Sumber Ria
2012 - 2013

Site Manager

Event Coordinator

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