Siwi Pradiantie

A Japanese language tutor who passionates in visual art and designs
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About Me

A PwD who uses wheelchair | a freelance Japanese language tutor who seeks for a full time job opportunity | a visual art & design passionate | a phlegmatic and an ISFP | just take a look at my portfolio at

Employment History

Global Private

2014 - now

Freelance Japanese Language Tutor

2016 - now

Online Education Consultant for High School Students

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

2006 - 2007

Cast of Australia's Mockumentary Series, Titled "Summer Heights High"

Education History

Universitas Indonesia

2008 - 2014

S1 Japanese Literature

SMA Budi Waluyo

2007 - 2008

Social Studies

Port Phillip Specialist School

2005 - 2007

General Arts