Shavira Azmi Aldini

writer, translator & editor
Indonesia, Malang
English Indonesian

About Me

I was actually born in 1997. I'm intersted in translating and editing and i have some experiences in these (i like to helping my friends and family). Another thing that i like to do is writing a story or script, especially kid's story. I may be not yet good enough, but i'm sure some little jobs would give me many things to be better.

Employment History


2016 - 2016


i was a private tutor for a junior high school student, preparing for her national exam

Education History


2012 - 2015


- i was learning french, germany, and japanese. - i joined english speaking class with natives and onced become a tour guide for one of my canadian intern teacher.

Universitas Negeri Malang

2015 - now

Sastra Inggris

i'm active in an English Depatment Student Association, and an English Theater