Kiky Sewoyo

Social Media Marketing
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Employment History

Cipta Swara Anugrah

2013 - 2015

Marcomm Specialist SPV

1. Branding: a. Coordinates the branding program of products. b. Execute branding programs. c. Handle Company Social Media & Digital Marketing. d. Visual Merchandising. e. Brand & Business Development. f. Handling Sponsorship & Relation with Media (TV,Printing,Radio). 2. Event Management: a. Suggest a promo events based on brand focus or mixed brands. b. Execute in store events and product launching. c. Prepare and coordinate the execution of road shows. 3. Endorsee Relations: a. Maintain relationship with existing Melodia’s endorsee. b. Create promotion for product relating to endorsee using Melodia Group Social Media.


2014 - 2015

Social Media Admin

a. Make an editorial plan (article content,quiz etc) for social media b. Manage & update social media activity

Education History

Universitas Trisakti

2001 - 2006