Adnan Lopa

web developer
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Employment History

PT. Ramantha Ayu Tours & Travel

2011 - 2013


My programming career starts here were keen to cultivate a web-based programming. The work I do is match tickets for sold stock that which will be compared to the data if the sale of any stock gain / no. All this is done digitally where to make stock prices by uploading a file Exel / csv added to the database. so as to facilitate the work that had been inhibiting.

2014 - now

Web developer

Racikweb is a type of business that deal with specific areas in the manufacture and development of the website. Racikweb more focus and emphasis in providing manufacturing services, development, and maximize the website to increase brand awareness and marketing services / products. The website is designed with consideration of aesthetics, functionality and added value. In terms of aesthetics, Racikweb provide professional website design in accordance with the image of the agency / company.
Racikweb provides convenience in providing services, Each job has a stage that must be completed to proceed to the next stage for smooth in the manufacture and development of websites; like

  1. The collection of information, website materials needed to get an idea / concept corresponding website as you wish
  2. Planning, Information previously collected can be used for planning on your website     
  3. Design, create sub-pages of information and planning that has been done before. Design can be customized with a website visitor demographics, age range, jejang education, thus making the information submitted can be received well     
  4. Development, website creation in the programming in accordance with the previous stages     
  5. Testing, Delivery and Launch, after the website was developed, when its a website through a testing phase     
  6. Maintenance, required to keep your website can be accessed by both, the examination period of active plugins, etc. Maintenance of websites not become keseharusan held in the structure of the website, depending on the size of the usability of the website All of these are standards that will be applied in all projects to be undertaken. Note that racikweb using Full Framework with MVC model in every project undertaken.
    Projects that have been made and not to mention all is;
    16. cooperative program     
    17. program lecturer report Currently currently in development by adding a digital service module that allows you to see the stages of jobs being processed.

Education History


2004 - 2008

Manajemen informatika