Rut Aprilia

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About Me

- Dapat mengetik 1000 kata per-hari
- Membuat slide, laporan data barang, atau makalah
- Mampu menyediakan konten menarik untuk akun sosmed anda
- Mengubah Photoshop menjadi Code HTML-Responsive
- Design Interior, logo, poster, undangan, dll menggunakan 3dmax, autocad, photoshop.

Employment History


2015 - now


1. Studying the system HRIS in that’s company 2. Meeting with client to promote the application and explain the feature of that application 3. Meeting to identify what client requirement about that application 4. Make a business proses about the requirement 5. Make Flowchart and Mockup for developer to make them understand 6. Make report progress and timework after meeting with client 7. Helping HR Consultant to manage data from client what will be use in the application 8. Check and testing to find the bugs 9. Create report the bugs in Bitbucket 10. Design the proses requirement from client and get information for supporting the requirement 11. Deploy the application in azure 12. Make Survey online in Murvey 13. Generating data from Murvey in excel 14. Instalation Application and database in Server Client 15. Controlling and Supporting application already in client 16. Make simulate tax calculation in excel 17. Make manual user and dokumetasi about the application

Education History

Universitas Advent Indonesia

2009 - 2013