Rismansyah M Rais

Business Executive & Project Manager
Indonesia, Bandung
English Indonesian

About Me

A Business enthusiast. developing business from planning into sales. enhance system in a business to make it more efficient and effective according to company goals. make sales & marketing tactic and strategies to boost sales in immediate selling process. growing business into new niche market, or compete in specific market.

Employment History

Fusion Computer

2002 - 2007

Sales & Marketing Manager

Developing and growing in selling IT product and Services for Corporate,retail, reseller

Self Employee

2007 - 2009

Project Manager

Running IT project for severel client FIFA, ESDM,


2010 - 2011

Project Manager

Manage Team Project for several Development BDTDBT ERP Webbased in Sawahlunto PUSDIKLAT ERP webbased in Bandung


2011 - 2012

Project Manager

Manage & Developing System Military Aircraft Radar based on Java Language

Kementrian Keuangan RI , Bapepam, Ebdesk

2011 - 2012

Project Manager

Manage Team development for deeloping ERP for stock capital system

Education History


2001 - 2005