Ignatius Bintang Rigaskara

English Indonesian

About Me

Born and raised in urban area of Jakarta, Indonesia, I have over 2++ years of experience in music & concert industry w/ 20+ number of events; ranging from local to worldwide scale music festival.

Employment History

Laidback Blues Record Store

2015 - now

Store Manager

I work as store clerk and daily manager on weekend shifts for Laidback Blues vinyl record store at Santa modern market, south Jakarta. English is not a problem since we would often encounter tons of people from all over the world in daily basis.


2015 - now

Event Production Officer

I work as freelance production officer for the Jakarta-based event production company. Together with Studiorama, I have worked for two local scale music & culinary events occasions on March and April of 2015.

Bonnaroo Festival 2014 - Superfly / AC Entertainment

2014 - 2014

Planet Roo Field and Vendoor Officer

Worked as Planet Roo field and vendoor officer within 11 days of fun and sweaty days in the middle of Bonnaroo's world famous farm on June 2014. Artists that were playing on my stage: John Butler Trio, Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, etc.


2011 - 2013

Stage Manager & Event Consultant

Produced, collaborated, and worked as stage manager with @InfoPensi for numerous local scale music events: Gonzaga Festival 2013. Artists: Maliq & d' Essentials, Seringai, etc. Come Together 2013. Artists: Santa Monica, Rock and Roll Mafia, etc. Anttic 9th 2013. Artists: Steven Jam, Endank Soekamti, etc. Pangudi Luhur Fair 2013. Artists: Tulus, The Groove, Angger Dimas. Pangudi Luhur Fair 2011. Artists: GIGI, Burgerkill, Pure Saturday. You can check @InfoPensi portfolios at their website, www.infopensi.com

Education History

Full Sail University

2014 - now

Music Business

This is my second year at Full Sail University; majoring in music business. I lived in USA for the rest of 2014. Currently continuing my education through online lectures.