M.Reney Adhitya

S. Sos.
English French Indonesian

About Me

Fresh Graduate of International Relations major. Comprehension of good English is a must in my major, as most of the study materials such as books or lectures and our assignments require a good grasp on the language. Therefore, translations and article writing are my strongest points that i uphold.

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Education History

Universitas Pelita Harapan
2011 - 2015

International Relations

I took the International Class program, in which it utilized English throughout the whole semesters. I took active participation in student's event organizations in my campus and the Student's Association of my major under the division of Student's Affairs.

Employment History

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia
2013 - 2014


I took one month of internship as a mandatory from my major. Many of its work included information gathering as well as administration jobs such as summarizing documents or creating official letters.

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