Ranum Saputri


About Me

I am still be student of university
I was a 5th semester student
my major in chemistry education, faculty of science and technology
I love the field of writing, my hobbies are reading, I can use the computer properly
and way of my life is learn, learn, learn and than teach, teach, and teach :-)

Employment History

LBB Primagama

2014 - now


i am teacher of chemistry, mathematical and saint. for senior or junior high school

Sofie Shop

2013 - now


I as manager of sofie shop. sofie shop is a small store at market. and my job is managed administer input and output of store.

HMJ Kimia UIN Walisongo Semarang

2013 - now


my position in there as coordinator for my major chemistry education in field of information and communication departement

Education History

UIN Walisongo Semarang

2013 - now

Chemistry Education

i am happy here, i can learn anything for little compound like atoms until big compound like world and another

LPK Yaspia

2012 - 2013


i learn to sew, learn about basic of fashion, make clothes, pants, skirt. and i am happy for do it.