Prita Arianti Raditiarini

Product Designer/ Analyst
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Employment History

PT Kwalita Bali

2010 - 2012

Product Designer

+ Develop new design collection every season and cooperate with marketing division + Source for new material, design, methodology + Supervise sample production and manage any issue + Work closely with craftsmen + Present the collection to international buyer and develop visual display + Manage the team and make daily schedule based on priority

Alabaster Lighting

2009 - 2014

Freelance Lighting Designer

Responsible for designing custom crystal lamp design fir client and provide technical drawing for production

Indonesia Mengajar

2012 - 2013

Pengajar Muda

+ Teaching elementary school + Live with local people and inspire them to improve their life + Coordinate with local stakeholders to improve the area's educational level

PT Kopernik

2014 - now

Senior Analyst

MARKET RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS ● Conduct research on the socio-economic status of particular geographic locations in Indonesia and other developing countries. ● Conduct market research on specific sectors – water, energy, education, housing, agriculture, IT, health, etc. - in Indonesia and other developing countries. FIELDWORK ● Prepare, coordinate, and conduct interviews with households and businesses. ● Host and accompany clients on field visits and help with interpretation as necessary. ● Coordinate product distribution to last mile communities through local partners. DATA ANALYSIS AND REPORT WRITING ● Clean and analyze data collected in the field ● Interpret and summarize the findings in a succinct, visual way ● Propose actionable recommendations to clients based on key findings. PARTNERSHIP BUILDING ● Liaise with and build partnership with local government and relevant authorities ● Develop new partnerships with local partners, academic partners, donors and technology producers. OTHER TASK ● Develop and prepare funding and partnership proposals. ● Respond to incoming correspondence from local partners, academic partners, donors and technology producers. ● Undertake other tasks as requested by the team and management

Education History

Institut Teknologi Bandung

2006 - 2010

Desain Produk

Product Design concerns on creating efficient, effective, and pleasurable product. It focuses on the conceptualization of creative ideas coupled with integrated knowledge in materials and product processes, product semantics, 3D form and prototyping, engineering design principles, culture and lifestyles, human factors. design management, and intellectual property rights to develop tangible 3-dimensional mass produced goods. Upon graduation, students may work as product designer, design entrepreneur, design researcher, production manager, or product marketer.