Petrus D Sitepu

Social Media (Media), Consultant Publication, Video Production, and Event Organizer
English Indonesian

About Me

I graduated from Jakarta Institute of Arts with major Film Production and now i taking a master degree in Pelita Harapan University with major Media Studies. I'm interested with digital, social media, film-video production and branding.

Employment History

O Channel

2011 - 2012

Production Assistant

Handles the Paranoia's Program from Creative,Scheduling, Shooting, and also offline editing.

Kineforum - Jakarta Arts Council

2007 - 2010


RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Creating Publicity's Materials 2. Devise a strategy Publication 3. Arrange of the media who will cover the Kineforum

Pink Publicist

2012 - now

Freelancer for Publicist and Project Manager

RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Publicize an event with media and social media. 2. Make a relationship with media. 3. Create a timeline production. 4. Set up a project to run properly in accordance with production timeline.

Education History

Jakarta Institute of Arts

2004 - 2010

Film Production

Study about Film Production

Pelita Harapan University

2014 - now

Media Studies

Study about Media