Angel Perez

Software Engineer / Consultant
United States

About Me

I am a full-stack software developer with 7+ years experience working in startups in NY and Silicon Valley. I also consult for early-stage tech companies.

Employment History


2009 - 2010

Front-End Developer

Responsible for writing and maintaining our marketing site and the UI/UX for our e-learning product. Technologies: CSS/HTML, Javascript, MySQL, Ruby-on-Rails, Python, Memcached, Redis


2010 - 2012

Server Developer

Server-side engineer working on our analytics and reporting system, RESTful API and web-services, and database infrastructure. Technologies: MySQL, Python, CherryPy, Memcached, Redis, Bash, Unix/Linux


2012 - 2014

Senior Engineer / DevOps

Lead server engineer as well as the head of DevOps for Handshake. I managed our server infrastructure on Rackspace Cloud as well as running servers on dedicated hardware. I was responsible for maintaining and developing our backend systems, public APIs, and training and mentoring junior developers. I built our data-importing/exporting features, scaled and improved performance of our infrastructure, and worked closely with the Sales and Marketing teams to build custom integrations with Technologies: Python, Django, Postgres, Redis, Celery, Go, CentOS, Backbone.js, HTML/CSS, Javascript


2014 - 2015

Senior Engineer / DevOps Lead

I was the lead DevOps engineer, in charge of managing 70+ EC2 servers on AWS. Responsible for 24/7 on-call duty, server maintenance, performance and security. I build the backend infrastructure that powered the "Inbox/Feed" product in the iOS app, worked on internal tools for our content team, and was a mentor to junior engineers on the team. Technologies: Python, Django, MySQL, Cassandra, Memcached, Go, Celery, Ubuntu, MongoDB, Redis

Education History

Emerson College

2004 - 2008

Marketing and Advertising