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IDR 500,000
Hasil yang sangat memuaskan. Akan lanjut trusPosted on: 10 days ago
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IDR 100,000
Thanks for the sample writing. However, it hasn’t met our writing style yet. Guess it’s just a matter of preference. Keep writing! :)Posted on: 27 days ago
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Hasil pekerjaan sangat memuaskan, research yang dilakukan sungguh menunjukkan dedikasi untuk menulis content yang tepat dan sesuai dalam jangka waktu yang ditentukan dari awalPosted on: about 1 month ago
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Good job ! cepat response dan tepat waktuPosted on: about 2 months ago
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Fast Response & Reliable. Posted on: 2 months ago
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Working with is one of our greatest pleasure and experiences, they provided services beyond our expectation and professional manner at its best. If you want to know the feels of working with professional, is the place. Wait for our upcoming works :)Posted on: 3 months ago
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Cepat dan memuaskan.Posted on: 3 months ago
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Pasti akan saya hire lagiPosted on: 3 months ago
by Administrator
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freelancer mengundurkan diri.Posted on: 3 months ago
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speedy and good qualityPosted on: 6 months ago
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Professional job ! Posted on: 8 months ago
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Right on the mark! Awesome work, and quick. Posted on: 8 months ago
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Very professional, responsive and speedy. Passionate and always tries to understand the client's businessPosted on: 8 months ago
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Sangat memuaskan dan sesuai dengan permintaan.Posted on: 9 months ago
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Speedy, responsive, right on the mark.Posted on: 10 months ago
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Pennapapier bekerja dengan professional, tepat waktu dan sesuai kesepakatan. Sangat direkomendasikan untuk bekerjasama dengan Pennapapier!Posted on: 11 months ago
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Hasil pekerjaan cukup bagus. Komunikatif dan profesionalPosted on: about 1 year ago
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Could not ask for better content writerPosted on: about 1 year ago
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Job well done. And quite responsive.Posted on: about 1 year ago
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Terimakasih, saya sangat puas dengan hasil tulisan anda. Posted on: about 1 year ago
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Thanks, Pennapapier sangat membantu saya dalam membuat content website saya. Cuman tinggal gambar-gambar nya nih masih harus nyari lagi.Posted on: over 1 year ago

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