Aninditya Hartarie Andaninggar

English Indonesian

About Me

I was born in Jakarta, still living there currently. My passion is English and Psychology, but I also do visual arts as a hobby (using Photoshop)

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Education History

Universitas Indonesia
2009 - 2011

Educational Psychology - Master's Degree

Universitas Indonesia
2004 - 2009

Psychology - Bachelor's Degree

Employment History

Global Jaya School
2014 - now

Primary School Counselor

My main job here is teaching Personal Development Programme to all primary students and giving counseling sessions to students and/or parents who need some help with academic progress. Apart from that, I also lead induction programme for all new students at the beginning of each academic year.

Innovative Learning Centre
2014 - now

Part Time English Lecturer

As a Part-Timer, I only work at ILC during holiday season. I teach English to high school and college students and also to adults.

BrainFit Studio
2013 - 2014

BrainFitness Specialist and Trainer

My job here included : 1. Teaching the five pillars of brain fitness (sensory-motor, visual, auditory, attention, and social emotional) to students within the age range of 4 to 18 years old. 2. Conducting pre and post evaluation to see students’ progress. 3. Giving feedback sessions to parents. 4. Administrative works (submitting students’ results, making reports, keeping students’ records, etc). 5. Designing and conducting training for new staffs. 6. Writing articles for media and company blog.

Wall Street English
2012 - 2012

Personal Tutor

My job here included : 1. Teaching lesson materials and supervising individualized learning process for students within the age range of 16 years old and above. 2. Giving orientation to new students. 3. Analyzing progress and giving advising sessions to students who are going to start a new level. 4. Preparing lesson plans for small classes. 5. Administrative works (submitting students’ encounter results, printing and filing the records, keeping records and making reports of some lesson equipments). 6. Handling corporate students (B2B) matters.

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