Ninda Arum Rizky Ratnasari

Creative Writer and Translator
English Indonesian

About Me

Greetings! Ninda Ratnasari here. A professional writer and translator for any topics, mainly on news, lifestyle, and blog articles for more than 2 years. Having huge enthusiasm on traveling and culinary as well.
Graduated from English Literature program, Yogyakarta State University.

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Education History

Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
2010 - 2014

Sastra Inggris

I was actively participated in several student organizations such as journalistic and research club. I was the general chairman for the research club at my university in 2013, which influenced my organization and competition skill even more. I was twice chosen as the delegation of my university to participate in student exchange to Thailand in 2012 and present my research paper in international forum in Taiwan in 2013.

Employment History

Lembaga Bahasa Internasional Elokuensi
2015 - 2016

English Teacher

I used to teach English to primary kids and kindergarten level. I was trained by experienced supervisor for three months in advance and successfully met the company requirement.

Home Ideas
2016 - now

Freelance Writer

I am responsible to write two articles in a day refer to the keywords given in Design and Parenting themes. Copy paste is prohibited.

2016 - now

Freelance Translator

I am responsible to translate the project given by clients such as Honda company. The job is not regularly given, it is often be given twice a month. I work using translator tools.

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