Neri Neker

Writer and translator
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Employment History

2013 - 2013

Fashion Journalist Intern

Writing fashion articles, taking pictures of stylish young people, reviewing styles on website, looking for information about fashion (e.g. job or giveaway), and interviewing fashion designer and blogger.



Freelance Oline Writer

Writing articles with various topics like fashion, beauty, health, tips, and more, and translating some articles from English to Indonesian.



Junior Copywriter

Naming products with catchy names, writing persuasive subject line, pre-header and body mail for Email Direct Marketing, writing articles for blogs, and managing social media (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+)

2016 - now

Freelance SEO Writer

Writing English and Indonesian articles which are SEO friendly


2017 - now

Freelance Translator

Translating product titles and descriptions

Education History

Bina Nusantara University

2010 - 2014

English Literature

I study all about English major here. Writing is one of the main tasks. Hence, I am quite confident with my writing skills. I also have learned about translation, either it is textbook or document.