Natalia Kartika Sari Boru H

Graphic Designer
English Indonesian

About Me

Graduated from an International University in Jakarta. Creative and productive team/individual player. Hard working, passionate, responsible, and willing to learn. Good fluency in written and oral English. Skills include vector icons and illustration, photography & videography, and many more.

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Education History

BINUS International
2007 - 2012

Art and Design

Graduated from Binus as S.Sn, and B. Art (double degree). My study courses include : Graphic Design, Mutimedia Design, Audio Visual, Photography, Design Material, Packaging Design, Typography, Illustration Design, Sculpting, 3D Animation, and Academic English. I'm an easy going student with a lot of activities beside studying. I join many clubs and communities as pastime activities. Some events I've been involved in are E.Com (BEST) 2007 - Scrabble Officer | 2008 - Design & Production Division, MWE (School of Computer Science) 2007 - Supporting Officer, SimBiz (BITE) 2008 - Head of Design & Production JA Titan Training | 2009 - Head of Design & Production JA Titan Training, CAC (Creative Art Community) 2008 - Comic Workshop and Exhibition Head of Seminar | 2009 - Digital Artvolution Head of Property, Student Committee 2009 - BiNusian 2013 Class Mentor & Out Bound Assistant Instructor, and D'ABC (ASC) 2010 - Design & Production Division.

Northumbria University
2011 - 2012

Design and Applied Arts

Double Degree Program form Bina Nusantara International

Employment History

Stock Unlimited LLC
2014 - 2016

Graphic Illustrator

Part of INMAGINE & 123RF stock image company. My responsibility is to create vector artwork (icons, illustrations, etc).

Webfographics (EasyDesign)
2015 - 2016

Graphic Illustrator & Animator

Part of INMAGINE & 123RF stock image company. My responsibility is to create vector object & items to be animated using css for Webfographic, an online based presentation maker platform.

Pt. Alometindo Global Integritas
2012 - 2014

Graphic Designer

Documentation, Presentation & Modul Preparator, Videographer, Photographer, Workshop Item Design

CV. Bhisma Cakti
2011 - now

Freelance Graphic Designer

Working under Mrs. Etty Tejalaksana for Indonesia Tourism & Information Center (ITIC), supported my Mitra Praja Utama (MPU), and 10 Indonesia Provinces. My responsibility including generate new ideas for brand/visual identity, promotion, and elements inside the building.

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