Nardito Sugihariadi St

Sketchup drafter, disain grafis, disain logo, microsoft excel, data entry
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About Me

I'am a Graphic design, logo design, Technical design drafter professional, and data entry profesional
48th year's old, and I have 24th year's of work experience as Marketing Executive in insurance company, Field Supervisor in mining company, Technical engineer in some contractors company.

Employment History


1992 - 1995

Technical Team Lead

I work in PT Akinda this while I was in college, I worked in this company as a team leader on a project 1.Painting machine factory in PT MATTELIndonesia , Jababeka 1 Cikarang, Jawa barat, Indonesia. 2. Manufacture of office furniture for the PT. MATTELIndonesia. , Jababeka 1, Cikarang, Jawa barat, Indonesia.

Winterthur Life Indonesia

1995 - 1996

Marketing Executive

At this periode, I working at Winterthur Life Indonesia as Marketing Executive, Is the insurance company, my job as Marketing Executive, Find Customers looking for life insurance


1998 - 1999

Field Supervisor

PT. Mayang Beruma, is a contractor company, which is engaged in the leasing of heavy equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, Tronton DUMP Truck, etc.I worked in this company as a field supervisor for a coal mining project in South Kalimantan Indonesia


2000 - 2005

Technical Support Engineer

Marlin Kinamang CV is a Supplier and contractor firm in Information Technology, In this company, I first worked as an administrative doubles as a technician, then as technician head, most recently as manager of engineering. In this company, I was appointed as the team leader on several projects, such as: 1. physical data transfer projects (books, posters, leaflets, brochures, posters, data voice and film) to digital data on Healt Promotion Centre, (PUSAT PROMOSI KESEHATAN) Indonesian Ministry of Health. (DEPARTEMEN KESEHATAN RI). 2. Build Local Network System Center for Health Promotion (PUSAT PROMOSI KESEHATAN) at the Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia (DEPARTEMEN KESEHATAN RI). 3. Bulid Data base system development at the Centre for Health promotion (PUSAT PROMOSI KESEHATAN), Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia (Departemen Kesehatan RI). 4. Making,Now turned into for Health Promotion Centre (PUSAT PROMOSI KESEHATAN) Ministry of Health (DEPARTEMEN KESEHATAN RI). 5. Build Local Network System Center for occupational health centers(Pusat Kesehatan Kerja) at the Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia (Departemen Kesehatan RI). 6. Software system data entry, data processing and reporting of health data at work, to occupational health centers (Pusat Kesehatan Kerja) Indonesian Ministry of Health (Departemen Kesehatan RI). 7. Software Implementation, for software system data entry, data processing and reporting of health data, to a public health center in the regions in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. 8. Build Local Network System Center at Mental Hospital Dr.Soeharto Heerdjan, Jakarta. 9. Printing and delivery of documents recapitulation legislative elections in 2004 for the area of East Java Election.

Self Employee - weight scale technicianl, graphic design, and logo design

2005 - 2010

Technical Specialist

In this period, I worked alone, as a technician, and a wide variety of jobs, among others: as a computer technician, graphic design, engineering design, brochure design, banner design, logo design, and printing In this period, I was directly involved in the following projects: 1. Design, setting and printing of MH Thamrin brochures in Jakarta. 2. Poster design, elementary school, to SDN 15 Pg Ciracas, Jakarta 3. Sugar silo Scales capacity, 300 tons and 100 tons, PT Jawamanis Rafinasi, in Ciwandan, Anyer, Banten Indonesia (as a field engineer) 4.13 Line Bagage Scales capacity of 2 tons, owned by PT Angkasa Pura, at airport Adisumarmo, Boyolali, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. (As a field engineer)


2010 - 2013

Adminstration, technical engineer, and Field Engineer

This company, specialized in the field of digital scales, renewable energy and solar energy, In this company I worked first as an Office Administration, then as a field technician, most recently as a field engineer, In this period, I was directly involved in some Project, namely: 1. Solar power plant to pump water, belonging to the Department of Public Works Biak district - Noemfoor on the island Noemfoor, district BIAK - Noemfoor, Papua province, Indonesia (as a field technician) 2. Supplying electricity village Project, belonging to the Ministry of Mines and energy with solar power plants off the grid centrally, in the rubber plantations of the people Musi Rawas, high cliffs, southern Sumatra, Indonesia. (As a field technician) 3. Solar Power Plant, owned by PLN 75KW Ongrid, in Tomia, Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi. (As a field engineer) 4. Weighbridge 80 TON, PT. Borneo Indobara, in coal mines KUSAN, tanah bumbu, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. (As a field engineer) 5. cooking oil tank scale, capacity of 20 tons, owned by PT. pacific food, Indonesia, in Gempol, Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia. (As a field engineer) 6.Exol tank scale, capacity of 30 tons, owned by PT. LF beauty Indonesia, Cimanggis, East Jakarta, Indonesia. (As a field engineer)

CV. Indomukti Citra Abadi

2014 - 2015

Project Engineer

The company, CV. Indomukti Citra Abadi, is a company engaged in the field of Digital Scales, measuring tools, Construction, Repair, and Maintenance of digital scales. The measuring instrument that was done by this company, among others, are as follows: floor scales, livestock scales, medical scales, Weighbridges, liquid flowmeter etc. The company also services for calibration and calibration of measuring instruments measuring instruments above. I worked in this company as, design engineering, project estimator, project enginner, and project manager In this company I was directly involved in the project, the following: 1. Project floor Scales for weighing pallets in warehouses cargo at Hang Nadim Airport, Batam. belongs: PT Dharma-Bandar-Mandala, an airport warehouse management division 2. Project floor Scales for weighing pallets in warehouses cargo at Kuala Namu Airport, Medan. belongs: PT Dharma-Bandar-Mandala, an airport warehouse management division 3. Replacement of 2 units weighbridge module, a capacity of 80 tons a length of 18 M, owned by PT. Sadikun-Niagamas-Raya, Location: Coal Stockpile, PT. Sasikun-Niagamas-Raya, at the port of Banten, Pelindo 2, Ciwandan, Anyer, Banten Indonesia.


2015 - 2016

Field Engineer

is a company engaged in renewable energy, solar energy specialization In this company I was in contract to become Field Engineer, to work on the following projects: 1. Electrical village, to 5 village, with solar power, a capacity of 10 KW, centralized Hybrid, belongs PNPM-mandiri departments in the country (now, program underdeveloped villages, rural villages and transmigration ministry), in the district Lanny Jaya, Papua , Indonesia 2. Hybrid Electric home, 5 KW capacity, owned by private individuals, in the area of East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia.

Education History

Institut Sains Dan Teknologi Nasional

1986 - 1996

Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor's degree, , IPK 2,48


1983 - 1985