Martua Manullang

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About Me

I am 22 years old, innovative, energetic, highly ambitious, and good leadership. I am graduated from Marine Science Department, University of Riau, with predicate “VERY SATISFACTORY” and GPA 3,49.

Employment History

ZMT Bremen

2014 - 2014


As enumerators: Description: Looking for information from the public who is a user of land and river.

Education History

universitas riau

2010 - 2015

ilmu kelautan

1. Seminar / Social and Scientific Events • 2012: Delegation At HIMAPIKANI Sumatra Regional Fisheries Workshop in Pekanbaru • 2013: Moderator In National Seminar on Fisheries with the theme "Development of Fisheries and Marine Resources The Independent" in Pekanbaru • 2013: Coordinator of Research In Tent Fisheries Research HIMAPIKANI Hydropower Reservoir Region of Sumatra in Koto Panjang • 2014: Delegation At the National Congress of Fisheries Indonesian Student Association (HIMAPIKANI) in Samarinda • 2014: Moderator In National Seminar on Fisheries with the theme "Fisheries and Marine In AFTA in 2015; Challenges and Opportunities "in Pekanbaru • 2014: Panelist At Candidates Debate Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, University of Riau