Marsha Marlupi Maharani

Sarjana Ekonomi
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Employment History

Citibank NA

20015 - 2016


My jobdesk is to assist Control Officer in Retail Bank Control Surveillance or Consumer Business Suport Unit on processing AML/ KYC (Anti-Money Laundering / Know Your Customer) process and perform quality assurance activities)

Education History


2011 - 2015


I was a student of economics and development studies from IPB with final value a satisfactory status (3,18). I have a scientific paper (thesis) have been published under the title Analysis of Infrastructure Impacts for Growth Domestic Product of Surabaya, it aims to highlight the roles of local infrastructure in Surabaya particularly road, electricity and clean water toward the economic growth. The results show that road, clean water and electricity can significantly affect positively local employment and investment, as a result they can increase and affect economic growth.