Lukita Mardhiah, S.Psi

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Employment History

LAPOR!-SP4N at Kementerian Pendayagunaan Aparatur Negara & Reformasi Birokrasi (Indonesia)

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Public Complaint Analyst

As cited in Ministrial Decree, LAPOR! as national complaints and aspiration handling system should be under Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform's supervision. My responsibilities are mostly as same as Participation Analyst in LAPOR! Nevertheless, different with analysis conducted by Participation Analyst, the complaints analyzed here are related to public service in every institutions or local governments. Team and I are involved in SOP-making process of LAPOR!-SP4N along with the stakeholders (ORI, KSP, and Kemenpan-RB). Here, I learn about computation program, Tableau, and governmental process and bureaucracy, as well as public policies in Indonesia.

LAPOR! at The Executive Office of President RI

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Participation Analyst

Executive Office of President of Republic of Indonesia is a non-structural organisation which is responsible directly to President and Vice President of Republic of Indonesia. As Participation Analyst, my responsibilities were: ​(1) verifying and forwarding the complaints or aspirations of Indonesian society via Indonesian national handling system (LAPOR!) relating to Indonesian President's priority programmes to ministries, institutions, or local governments; (2) supervising and intervening the involvement of ministries, institutions, or local governments in improving public services related to Indonesian President's priority programmes; (3) analyzing the trends of the complaints about the priority programmes (in general or specific).

Education History

Universitas Indonesia

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Involved in some Student Executive Board of Psychology's Projects: PDKM 2012, We Care 2013, Student Orientation 2013, PDKM 2014, Asean Students Conference of Urban Psychology 2015 as Staff of Science Division; RTC UI FM (Radio Community) as Secretary of UI Wanna Be 2013, Radio Producer, Head of On-Air; K2N UI 2015 and KKN Kebangsaan 2015 (Social Service); Paper Presenter in Indonesian Students Conference in Korea 2015; Attendee of Forensic Psychology Seminar by Henry Otgaar from Maastricht University, and Attendee of CHC Theory of Intelligence Seminar by Kevin McGrew from Institute for Applied Psychometrics (both seminars held by Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia). After my graduation, I attended a conference: The Asia-Pacific Research in Social Sciences and Humanity (APRiSH) as a paper presenter.