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Employment History

PT. Tokai Rika Indonesia

2014 - now

Finance & Accounting Supervisor

1. General • presentation financial statement to BOD. provide and explanation the analyses. • presentation financial statement information, plan and actual, budget and actual to supervisor up other department for get feed back control the cost, cost reduction, kizen. • check the journal input by staff • check staff work every closing • make sure closing must be smooth, follow up an other department for give data must be on schedule. • hosin (KPI) • skill up staff (traning & coatching) 2. Tax • Tax Planing, make sure tax implementation has been effective and efficient as like possibilities tax penalty late payment,late submitted tax report, tax avoid of correction by tax audit, review all data before request VAT refund, tax analyses refund, tax risk analyses. • Tax Review, make sure all tax already effective as like calculation, tax review possibilities target refund and correction by tax audit, tax palatines avoidance. • Tax Reconciliation check financial statement related tax : tax obligation, tie up expense, tie up VAT, Tie up expense (tax object) with withholding tax. • Check all tax make sure Tax Calculation before Payment,Check Tax Report (SPT) ,(VAT and Income Tax) prepared by staff before submit to Tax Office, Reported Tax Annual Tax Employee and calculation Corporate Income Tax,Support to Assistant Manager about tax matter • tax refund, I has been goal target tax refund (VAT Restitustion) are the amount Rp 18,2 million in 2014 and Rp 12 billion in 2015, coordination and negotiation with tax auditor,prepare data tax audit request as like document,flow of good with flows of money, equalization between tax report with GL with tax audit, check tax audit process, , response tax audit notice (SPHP), closing conference and negotiation (Pembahasan Akhir) • Corporeate income tax calculation inclue dta/dtl. • Review Transfer Pricing Document prepared by consultant. 3. Costing monthly, • prepare financial statement • prepare COGS/COGM Calculation using std cost & variance • analyses of profit plan VS actual - this purpose for analysis sales plant compare actual the result how much sales not have planing (not follow profit plan), how much actual sales not order by customer, how much increasing or decreasing sales as per category (car code, product code). how much increasing/ decreasing impact by demand qty from customer or sales price increase. • analyses sales compare between (sales previous year, forecast, profit plan and actual) as per car code and product code. • analyses operating income make the analysis which the customer is major of sales, which sales is profit as per customer, which is product is profit or loss. • cost variance analyses. make the analysis which the product is more then std cost, check bill of material, unit price consumption, and cycle time. • inventory analyses. semester, • setup standard cost rate (Semester),std unit price every semester calculation std rate (Std Man hour, Machine hour, rate expense per second) this purpose for how much cost for make the product, for review rate already effective. • LCM calculation/ NRV calculation every semester make the calculation LCM (Lower Cost Market) this purpose for inventory value must be less then sales price/market price (fair value). yearly, • profit plan preparation every year prepare profit plan base on forecast from customer, coordination with related department (purchase div for purchase price, sales div sales price&forecast , ppic div bill of material for calculation std cost)

PT. F-Tech Indonesia

2014 - 2014

Tax Specialist

- Tax Calculation, -Tax Review, -Tax Reconcilation, -Reported Tax to Monthly Tax (VAT and Income Tax) Income Tax Article 21, Article 22, Witholding Tax Art 23 Witholding Tax Art 4(2), -Income Tax Article 25 to Tax Office and Reported Tax Annual Tax Employee and calculation Corporate Income Tax

PT. Gaka Karya Engineerin

2012 - 2013

Accounting Officer

- Financial Statement ( Balance Sheet & Income Statement ) - Analyses Ratio - General Ledger - List Fixed Assets and Depreciated - Cash Flow - income analysis (use curve - s) - Budget Vs Actual Cost - Book keeper - Cost - Tax (VAT and Income tax art 21, 23, 4(2) and Corporate Income Tax ) - Etc

KOP Karyawan PT. PLN (Persero)

2007 - 2012

Chief Accounting

-Prepared Financial Statement (balance Sheet, Income statement) - checked Bookkeeper - Cost Accounting - List of Fixed Assets and Depreciation - Tax Reporting,VAT and Income Tax (Monthly and Annual) - Analysis Ratio - Worksheet

Education History


2009 - 2012