Leny Herlina

Translator / Interpreter / Writer
English Indonesian

About Me

Hi, my name is Leny, a freelancer passionate in writing and translating both English to Bahasa and vice versa. I'm a determined and highly responsible person, also a quick typist, so I believe I can accomplish your work in a short period. Wide open for new experience and ready to meet your needs.

Employment History

PT. Bank Central Asia

2009 - 2010


I used to work in PT. Bank Central Asia at Menara BCA, Thamrin as a Secretary for Unit Wealth Management Division. I was a determined and competent Secretary. I'm able to handle various assignments and took it responsibly and always did all my work on time. I am a fast learner and never stop learning. I believe in my potential and never let anyone down.

Education History

STIKS Tarakanita

2006 - 2009


I used to study at STIKS Tarakanita majored in D3 Secretarial. As we all know STIKS Tarakanita has always been the best Academy in Secretarial major. And I'm proud to say that I was graduated with quite high GPA. I am fluent in English, a quick typist and a thorough person. I love to learn new things and rich in experience.