Lasmaditya Ikhwalfebriant

Market Researcher
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Employment History

The Nielsen Company

2014 - now

Junior Manager

Basically the main job description of Junior Manager is the same, but the difference compare with present is, I have more team where I manage something more. This is more than just coordinate vendor's job and subordinate, but now is about giving education, direction, and motivating team so that all jobs succeeded. All is related with personal or team work directly reported to General Manager or Research Director . We responsible the whole of project, start from first meeting with client until presenting the result. Also my responsible in research structure activity is more in the analysis and reporting.

Mugi Rekso Abadi (MRA) Group

2013 - 2014

Senior Research Executive

Firstly we received a research brief from client. We made a proposal. Then we presented it. After comission, then a project is ready to kick off. Start from design a questionnaire, until briefing with sub-con field vendor. While maintaining the on going fieldwork, we also liaison to client service. Then supervised a porcessing data (data entry, coding, tabulating, charting). After that, we design a report, determine a conclution, recommendation, and way forward to client. Final we present the research report.


2012 - 2013

Business Analyst

The main job for Business Analyst is more likely as a Business Consultant. Firstly is meeting with client to determine what is client's problem. After that find out the root problem, gathering information needed, do the marketing research from beginning until the end to obtain the exact data if necessary, compile and charting all data, analyst the data, present the result to the client, until consult the client if necessary. The consulting process is more likely to give a solution, recommendation, and give a next step solution.

Ipsos Indonesia

2010 - 2012

Research Executive

The main job of Research Executive is to handle the whole progress of project. Beside involved in day-to-day Project Management (the main job is similar with Associate Project Executive), also responsible for Client Services. Start from gathering information regarding client’s marketing issues and research objectives, make a costing for the project, compose research proposal/quotation based on information given, converting a proposal into simple questionnaire and interviewing stimulus, design draft questionnaire, regular client liaison via meetings email and telephone, making chart based on superior directions, make a cross tabulation for each question for the purposes of reporting, making Final Report, and support the Research Manager or Research Director in presenting the result of the research to the client. The project types that have been involved are Concept test, Usage and Attitude Study, Mystery Shopping, Brand Health Study, Brand Awareness, Customer Satisfaction Survey, National Survey, etc. The client’s industry comprises automotive, telecommunication, insurance, retail market, banking, FMCG, etc.

Education History

Universitas Indonesia

2004 - 2009