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About Me

Saya memiliki pengalaman bekerja selama lebih dari 7 tahun di bidang IT ( Telekomunikasi dan Perbankan) dan pernah bekerja sebagai Financial Advisor.

Employment History

PT. Trans Komunikasi Data Net

2008 - 2011

Senior Programmer

Project : SMSC (Short Message Service Center), SMSC Broadcast, NMS(Network Monitoring System). Build private website : web configuration and reporting(export to .xls file and graph preview) : PHP, JPGraph, and MYSQL. Build application for our client system(such as scheduler or cron job on Linux) using PHP, JSON, java script (ajax, YUI) and MYSQL. Project : SMSC (Short Message Service Center) Build Web Service using NuSoap for existing web application. Project : ATS (Annual Technical Support). Build private website : web administration using Java & Java Spring Framework, Javascript(YUI) and MySQL script. Create API for response from command request in Daemon process (Telnet). Project : SMSC Advance Feature Build API for sms registration feature ussd(auto reply,web to sms, sms to email, and sms forward) and return information in XML. Build private website : web administration, web client and reporting (export to .xls file and graph preview). Learn and Create Prototype for Web Service using : Java, Apacahe AXIS, JBoss and XML

PT.Indocode Pratama

2008 - 2011

Senior Programmer

Project : LBA (Location Based Advertising) Create API, web reporting, and scheduler monitoring using PHP and MySQL.

PT. Samz Solution

2012 - 2014

Java Developer

Research n Develop Document Management System using Apache Jackrabbit, GUI :ZK Framework,database Oracle11g. Learn Oracle Developer Suite: Oracle Form Developer and Oracle Report Developer. Develop IFS Project using Bea WebLogic workshop 8.1, Java Application in Eclipse and PLSQL Oracle EBS database for automatic background crontab process. Join in Create SIT(System Integration Test), UAT(User Acceptance Test) and Release(Backout and Implementation) document.

PT. Lawencon International

2014 - 2015

IT Consultant

Develop project on site's client (IT Banking) using SAP Mobiliser (Java EE, Maven, Oracle)

Education History

BINUS University

2004 - 2008

Teknik Informatika

Organization Experience as Coordinator of Internet Subdivision in BINA NUSANTARA COMPUTER CLUB 2006-2007 period. BINA NUSANTARA COMPUTER CLUB : - An organization based on learning, inovation, quality, and focused on the customer As Committee of BNCC Exhibition which has been held by BNCC on 16th to 21th May 2006 at Ciputra Mall As Commitee in BNCC Extraordinary IT Event 2006, with Title : Fill Your Days With IT at BINUS UNIVERSITY. Held by Bina Nusantara Computer Club (BNCC) As Committee of GAME COMPETITION in BNCC Exhibition 2007. Which has been held by BNCC on 10th to 15th April 2007 at Mall Taman Anggrek