Kuncoro Machnun

Fullstack Web Developer
English Indonesian

About Me

I am a web programmer and front-end developer, skilled in Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Wordpress, HTML and CSS. I have more than two years experience with Ruby on Rails. I also have many years experience with customization drupal module, converting html/layout into drupal or wordpress theme.

Employment History


2012 - 2014

Web Developer

- Create custom module, convert theme for Drupal CMS. - Setup and manage many sites based on Drupal CMS. - Build search engine system with AngularJS and Drupal.


2014 - 2016

Ruby on Rails Developer

- Maintain Ruby On Rails based web CRM application for real estate and property. - Bug fixing, doing some adjustment, release patch and new feature for the CRM system.


2016 - now

Software Engineer

Ruby on Rails, Ract.js, Rspec, TDD, Git

Education History

Universitas Islam Indonesia


Teknik Informatika