Ahmad Riyad Pendra

mine plan engineer
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Employment History

PT. Mitra Bangun Nusantara

2014 - 2014

Mining Operational Staff

1. Assist the Operational Director. 2. Arrange mine heavy equipment. 3. Checking pre-inspection report of crushing plant. 4. Coordinate with operator about mine plan.

PT. Kutai Energi

2015 - 2015

Mine Surveyor

1. Updating coal actual situation (floor and roof). 2. Updating actual pit topography and disposal daily to monthly. 3. Updating open hole drill and/or crop line coordinate. 4. Staking out monthly mine plan sequence. 5. Controlling survey team activity. 6. Calculate stockpile stock. 7. Calculate cut and fill of overburden.

PT. Kutai Energi

2015 - now

MIne Plan Engineer

1. Calculate the monthly ability and production targets in accordance with the availability of mining equipment. 2. Calculate the reserve and remain reserve of active pits. 3. Make mine sequence design quarterly and monthly for every active pits 4. Coordinate with the Survey division in the installation of boundary pit limits, sequences, disposal, roads and other projects. 5. Coordinate with Survey Division in controlling Pit Limit (Crest, Toe and Elevation). 6. Coordinate with Geo Modelling Division in updating coal seam model as a reference in revising Pit Design and calculation of Remain Reserve. 7. Coordinate with Geology division and Land Comp division in determining the location of mining work (Pit, Disposal, Roads, Ditches and other projects)

Education History

Universitas Sriwijaya

2009 - 2014

Teknik Pertambangan