Kelly Sanjaya

Executive Assistant / Secretary
English Indonesian

About Me

A person who like to learn new things, fast learner, good seeing new opportunity. Like to work in neat and orderly, detail oriented. An active and talkative person. Friendly and easy going. Self motivated. Have goals and dreams that must be realized. Able to speak chinese and english language. Love to travelling, cooking, trying new recipe, and experiment new style in cooking.

Employment History

PT. Delcoprima Pacific

2014 - now

Excecutive Assistant / Secretary

• Organize telephone and conference with related parties • Scheduling and booking meetings • Do correspondence with related parties • Finance (Opening of checks, payment of taxes, administer petty cash, making checkbook and current accounts) • Preparing data relating to legal • Do translate-ing • Make expense report • Organize confidential documents • Arrange company accommodation • Registering the cash in and out for personal expenses belong to the director • Ticket purchases (International & Domestic) & Visa • Set up new email for new employee • House billing (internet, phone, and electricity) • Managing all administrative filling systems

PT. Kawan Lama Sejahtera

2014 - 2014

Merchandising Support Staff

• Making sales report and sales review (every new month) • Input PO & PR for new items from vendor • Maintain e-commerce • Checking & reply email from vendor • Making transfer balance to another store (request from store) • Making stock code for new items from vendor • Checking monthly consignment report • Making transfer budget (if needed & requested) • Input promo (every new month)

PT. Trico Paint Factory

2013 - 2013

Finance Staff

• Checking and Filling the purchase and selling invoices • Filling the income cash dan cash out • Checking the permit • Filling the bank reconciliation • Write the purchase voucher • Checking the product stock • Input PO stocks

Education History

Kwik Kian Gie School of Business d/h IBII

2010 - 2014