Kartika S

Accountant / Data Enrty
English Indonesian

About Me

Hi, Saya Freelancer yang ahli di bidang Accounting dan Data Entry. I always try to give better work to my client. I know customer satisfaction is the key of success in outsourcing.

Employment History

PT. Kreasi Auto Kencana

2009 - 2016

Administration Head

Duties and responsible for: 1. Control Account Payble (AP) 2. Control Account Receivable (AR) 3. Check Document Invoice from Vendor 4. Check Invoice to Customer 5. Control Flow Patty Cash 6. Control Daily Bank Report 7. Control report Sales of Vehicle, Part and Service 8. Tax Report (PPH 21, PPH 23, PPH Psl 4 ayt 2) 9. Control Stock 10. Plan Annual Financial Budget 11. Make Monthly Branch Performance Report

Education History

Universitas Duta Wacana

2002 - 2006