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PT. Infosys Solusi Terpadu

2011 - 2014

Vice President

Projects: • Bank Permata Internet Banking / PermataNet. • Bank Permata Mobile Banking / Permata iMobile for iOS & Android integrated to ParmataNet. • Bank Sinarmas Migration from IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.0 to IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0 for Teller & Customer Service S1 Platform. • Bank Mandiri Internet Banking Proof of Concept (POC). Scope of Work & Responsibility : 1. Lead a business unit responsible for selling front end channel product for Banking Industry from S1 and others partner’s product and doing implementation, enhancement, maintenance & support. 2. Lead a Delivery Team which are deployed on the client side. Make sure the implementation runs well on agreed schedule with good quality and result. 3. Lead a Product Development Team to develop our own product. 4. Lead Sales Team and help them as a presales. Activities are Presentation & Demo, Technical Proposal & Commercial Proposal, Proof of Concept and others. 5. Maintain business relationship with principle, coordination and others related to business partnership. 6. Coaching Developers on Technical Issues, Training & Resource Development. 7. Coaching PM on Project Management Issues. 8. Exploring Current Technology and Business Opportunities based on Market demand and Technology Trend.


2007 - 2011

IT Manager

Scope of Work & Responsibility : 1. Research & Development Leader on Symbian Devices using Symbian C++. 2. Research & Development Leader on BlackBerry Devices for all versions (Curve, Javelline, Bold). 3. Analysis and System Design for Front End (mobile devices) and Back End (System on the Server). 4. Manage Development Resources, Hardware and Infrastructure to meet the timeline with limited budget. 5. Assist on Product Planning. 6. Manage IT Infrastructure, Network & Servers at Collocation site, Clustering database, Load Balancing Application Server & Network. 7. Manage QA Team and assist on Focus Group Discussion. 8. IT Budgeting and Resource Planning. 9. Manage The Software Development using a proper methodology like Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Object Oriented Programming. 10. Coaching on Technical Issues, Training & Resources Development. 11. Exploring Current Technology and Business Opportunities based on Market demand and Technological Trend.

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