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About Me

I studied English literature/linguistics for 3 years at the Academy of Foreign Language  of Bina Sarana Informatika in Jakarta. I previously worked as an English teacher as well as an interpreter until recently transitioning over to freelance translating. I have experience translating  a lot of various materials, eg., product descriptions, legal documents, medical documents, etc (I also do proof reading). I can translate from Indonesian to English or vice versa depending on your needs.
Feel free to contact me if you have use of my skill set. My prices are negotiable depending on the task.

Employment History

Favored Shop

2015 - now

Online Shop Owner

Owner of online shop business fashion bag and t-shirt named Favored Shop and Favored Bag Shop. The online is on Instagram, Shopee, and Facebook.

I Can Read Kelapa Gading

2014 - 2014

Teacher Asistant

-Providing support for teachers including paperwork, lesson plans. -Supervising the children (3-4 years old and 5-8 years old). -Create a daily report of all activity of teaching and learning. -Learning deeper from the basics of phonics and how to teach this subject to children.

Sekolah Theologia Apostle Talita Kum Makassar-Sulawesi Selatan

2014 - 2014


-Interpreting the English Native Speaker during all the teaching and learning activity. -Translating all the students’ assignment from Bahasa into English.

Wonderland Kindergarten

2011 - 2011


-Teaching the basics of math, reading, phonics, bahasa, art and craft. -Create lesson plans and teach those plans to the students, track student progress and present infrormation to the parents. -Create weekly report, test, and manage student outside the classroom, such as in hallway, swimming pool, etc.

GSJA Jakarta-Social Organization

2009 - 2013


-Administer and monitor the financial system. -Ensure data is entered into the system. -Ensure transactions are properly recorded and entered into the computerized accounting system. -Manage the filing, storage and security of documents. -Supervise customer services and respond to the inquiries.

Education History

Bina Sarana Informatika

2009 - 2012

ABA- Bahasa Inggris

DIPLOMA III. English Literary Of Foreign Language Academy - Bina Sarana Informatika. CGPA: 3.67 out of 4.00

Royal Ranger Indonesia

2012 - 2012

Leadership Training

Allegro Music School Jakarta

2009 - 2011

Guitar Bass Class