Ira Adhisti

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About Me

I have worked as MCR crew and log traffic in a TV company.
Also, I once worked for a market research agency.
Then I join an advertising agency as client service before got asked to join their EO division.
On the side, I do freelance jobs such as translating documents, transcribing research discussion, also doing event management for other organizers.

Employment History


2011 - now

Event Management

I started first as a project traffic. Then as client service working side by side with our creative division. When the EO division started to soar, I was asked to join with them. A dynamic work, meeting new clients, talents, and vendors,. And my favorite part is the fieldwork, from conducting surveys, to executing the events on D-Day.


2010 - 2011

Research Executive

After 5 years working behind the desk, I was looking for more dynamic. The offer to work as a research executive could not come at a better time. And I learned a lot in InTouch. How to conduct a market research, discussion guide, moderating focus group discussion, making proposals as well as reports, not to say learning what happens behind a product or brand development.

PT Televisi Transformasi Indonesia

2003 - 2008

Log Traffic

I came to work for Trans TV with their 3rd Batch of Broadcast Development Program (BDP). After spending 2 years as Master Control Room Crew, then I was asked to replace their log traffic officer.

Education History

Unika Atma Jaya

1997 - 2002

Ekonomi Manajemen