Muhammad Iqbal Fajar

Software Developer
English Indonesian

About Me

A fast learner and hard worker man. Love to learn and want to do the best in everything.
His motto is "Learn & Improve".

Employment History

Kotak Media Solusi

2010 - 2010

Part-Time Writer

Writing articles about computer-related things, tips and trick, software, etc.

Layanan Produksi Multimedia (LPM) ITB

2011 - 2012

Web Developer

Web Development, Research, Maintenance

PT. Pinteraktif Media

2012 - 2013

Chief Technology Officer

Project & IT Management

PT. Javan Cipta Solusi

2013 - 2015

Software Developer

Software Developer mainly using Java technologies.

Education History

Universitas Bina Nusantara

2006 - 2010

Teknik Informatika

Specialization: Artificial Intelligence Graduated with GPA 3.54