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About Me

Born and raised in Indonesia, then continued to university in China, I've mastered 3 languages: Indonesian, English, and Chinese.Have a lot of experience in writing and translating in thos 3 languages


Employment History

Blue Ocean Network TV

2014 - now

Script Writer & Director

News script writer, director, reporter, and video editor for “China Now” Business News; script writer, director, and video editor for 24 episodes of “A Dash Of China” TV Travel News.

Majalah Cabe Rawit

2011 - now

Chief Editor

Being president of a non-profit student magazine organization, I take the challenge to motivate the 15 members of the organization to serve Indonesians all around China by publishing quarterly magazine to give them any updates and informations that are useful for them. Besides making good coordination between internal members of the organization, I also have the responsibility to build good relationship between my organization and Indonesian Ambassador in China, Diplomats, students and people.

Tzu Chi Foundation Indonesia Branch – Jakarta

2012 - 2012

Intern News Reporter

News reporter for “3 in 1” Tzu Chi Media; news reporter and translator for Tzu Chi Da Ai TV; Indonesian to Chinese translator for “Eighteenth Years Journey of Tzu Chi Indonesia”.

"A Wisdom of Sustainability"

2012 - 2012

Book Translator

Translate book "A Wisdom of Sustainability" by Thailand writer Sulak Sivaraksa from English to Indonesian (in Indonesian, the book is called "Pembangunan untuk manusia: Ekonomi Buddhis Abad ke -21"

Education History

Tsinghua University

2010 - 2014

Journalism Studies

Subjects include: News Reporting and Writing, Radio and Television Reporting, Film and Television Production, Media Economy and Management Studies.

Beijing Language and Culture University

2009 - 2010

Chinese Language Studies

Learn Chinese language from zero and mastered daily conversation, Chinese proverbs, Chinese language for university level within one year.

SMA Santa Ursula Jakarta

2006 - 2009


High school, majoring in Science.

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