Laras Widyaputri

Translator Eng-Indo-Eng, Content Developing, Writer, Business Enthusiast
English Indonesian

About Me

Hi! I have huge interest and experience as translator, interpreter and content writer of several kind of projects: NGOs, journals, abstracts, company profile, proposals, presentations, etc. Thank you!

Employment History

Ecodoe Indonesia

2014 - now


Responsibilities: 1.Conduct relation with clients; 2. Create brand expansion; 3. Create exclusive promotion design; 4. Create publication materials for exhibition and partner (brochure, catalogue, standing banner, poster, etc); 5. Writing content in social media and website, 6. Front-in charge person to business partners. Gain: 1. Young Social Entrepreneur 2015 Singapore International Foundation 2. Gold Medal (1st Winner) of Poster Presentation Pekan Inovasi Mahasiswa Nasional (PIMNAS) XXVII Diponegoro University 3. Silver Medal (2nd Winner) of Oral Presentation Pekan Inovasi Mahasiswa Nasional (PIMNAS) XXVII Diponegoro University 4. National Presentator in Final, Pekan Inovasi Mahasiswa Nasional (PIMNAS) XXVII Diponegoro University (Project: Ecodoe: Handmade Tapestry from Lamb’s Fur and Natural Aromatherapy as the Solution of Agricultural Disposal) 5. Partnership with SMESCO Pancoran, Jakarta (The largest Small Medium Enterprise Gallery in Indonesia)

PT Boleh Net Indonesia

2014 - 2014

Business Development

Responsibilities: 1. Analyzing digital media in Indonesia; 2. Analyzing competitor in Internet Service Provider business; 3. Analyzing competitor in Internet Data Center business; 4. Analyzing e-commerce movement in Indonesia; 5. Analyzing Internet Banking and Mobile Banking in Indonesia; 6. Developing company new business agreement and progress. Gain: Partnership with the biggest e-commerce in Indonesia, Lazada Group.

Daily Translation

2015 - now


Responsibilities: 1. Doing translation project of NGO website. 2. Doing translation of journals, abstracts, and business proposals. 3. Developing English presentations design and writing.

Education History

Insitut Pertanian Bogor (IPB)

2010 - 2014

Ekonomi Sumberdaya dan Lingkungan

Several awardee that I got as follows: 2015 Young Social Entrepreneur 2015 by Singapore International Foundation 2014 Gold medal of PIMNAS XXVII Ministry of Higher Education Indonesia 2014 Grant receiver of capital project awardee UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta 2014 Accepted paper at the 12th International Academic Conference, University of Economics Prague, Rep. Ceko etc. I will try my best to finish all the task. I'm kinda savvy in digital marketing & web developing (kindly check my enterprise site: ecodoeindonesia.com); Indonesian - English - Indonesian translation (ever been on 25.000 words translation projects); versatile writing (my writing have been published in ANTARA, Republika, headlines of ipb.ac.id official sites. Please kindly contact me if you need evidences).