Gunadi Santoso


About Me

A year teach on Santa Maria school, Surabaya. Private course teacher (Computer) for kids and adult.

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Education History

2004 - 2007

D3 Manajemen Informatika dan Teknik Komputer

Programming, photography, editing photo and video, 3ds Max modelling and animation, Flash Animation and Game

Employment History

PT. Indoprima Gemilang
2008 - 2008

Staff IT

Programming with delphi 7 and SQL Server

PT.Tirtakencana Tatawarna
2008 - 2013

Spv IT

Programming with visual basic, delphi 7 and SQL Server and ERP Navision project with 2 assistant (staff IT)

PT. Avia Avian
2014 - now

Spv IT

Programming with delphi, Visual basic, SQL Server, change distributor's program and training. Work with Deputy Manager Director and Distributor's Manager.

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