Fatchur Rozi

Teacher, Writer, and Translator
English Indonesian

About Me

I am fatchur rozi as English teacher in one of private course in malang. I was studied English in Basic English Course (BEC) and Mastering System (MS) Pare (Kampung Inggris) for about a year. i have already had experience in english teaching, writing, speaking, and grammer skill. I also capable in writting, and one of my writting is published in a book of Satu Rumpun, Dua Bangsa.

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Education History

Basic English Cource (BEC), Pare
2011 - 2012

this is "the founding father" course in Kampung Inggris Pare, that teaches us the skill of English. The teached english skill is from grammer, speaking, writing, and teaching. the studying process spent 6 month. (+ 3 month for teaching skill)

University of Muhammadiyah Malang
2012 - 2016

International Relations

it is one of University in Malang that has A acreditation and becomes one of great university in Indonesia.

Employment History

Best Choice Course
2015 - now

teacher or tutor

its location in malang, and it focuses on private or corporate or grub teaching program in all of lesson. its student can be from elementary school until university. funtive course councern in english lesson but it also teaching in other lesso also.

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