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About Me

I have been working freelance since I was a student of ELT in STKIP Kebangkitan Nasional. I decided to do fulltime-freelancing since I found it an enjoyable jobs. I have written many web content with varied topics such as health, manufacture, kitchen home decoration, festive event and more.

Employment History

CV Busana Lestari

2014 - 2015

Coordinator and Support Marketing

1. Standing as supporter to make sure that the marketing activities runs well. 2. Helping Marketing Team in following up cooperation procedure and agreement with buyer/reseller. 3. Making sure that there is no administrative and technical problem happen in stores or counters. 4. Handling problem happens in stores and counters that hinder marketing activities. 5. Handling Sales Promotion Girl (SPG)/counter keeper recruitment. 6. Handling training program for SPG/counter keeper including procedures for making sales report, product knowledge, stock report, etc. 7. Following up whether or not the company will join particular event held by the store such as discount program for Ramadhan event, etc. 8. Becoming the link between the stores that are having cooperation with the company for marketing matters. 9. Handling online sales (web, social media etc.)

Education History

STIKP Kebangkitan Nasional

2010 - 2014

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