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Employment History

PT. Hexaon Business Mitrasindo

2015 - 2017

Tax Accounting Officer

Responsible for the whole company financial management including invoice and its tax treatment. Duties:  Handling invoices from and for clients  Treating tax of each invoice  Submitting tax reports to the tax service office  Recording all financial transactions  Reminding Technical Support Team to provide job report  Verifying and approving employee reimbursements  Allocating budget for Sales Team  Monitoring flow of petty cash  Backing up financial data periodically

PT. Hexaon Business Mitrasindo

2012 - 2015

Web Programmer

Responsible for clients’satisfaction of our applications and services. Also in charge to make sure our applications work fine as clients’request. Duties:  Developing an Android application named ATM Monitoring to monitor all the ATMs belong to our client whether the ATM is empty of cash or even is in trouble (It was just a trial app and didn’t finish yet)  Working together with team to develop a web-based ATM Cash Management application which helps a client on managing their ATM cash flow (This web app is finished already and it’s now live in an internal bank environment)  Working with team to develop a web-based application. MIS AKSI is its name which this application generates chart reports by getting the data source from database (This web app is finished already and it’s now live in an internal bank environment)  Designing layers or screens for Retail Teller Machine (RTM). Unlike Automated Teller Machine (ATM), RTM is a new future product which its screen is easy to modified (The layer is applied and works fine in the RTM)  Designing and applying digital ads for Digital Signage Machine (DSM) (Ad is applied and it runs well in a five-stars hotel in Bali)  Building an Asset Management System uses an open source CMS named CMDBuild to manage and monitor internal company assets (It’s currently used in internal company)  Developing a responsive web application with team where we call it Mobile Intelligence. This application provides and generates charts report of ATM’s detail for client’s need (The team is still working with that)

Education History

Universitas Budi Luhur

2014 - now


SMK Wikrama Bogor

2009 - 2012

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