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Employment History

PT eBdesk Indonesia

2012 - 2012

Java Programmer

1. Make a program for Government Tax Company in South Sumatra 2. Test and debug the program 3. Make a documentation of the program

Surya University

2013 - 2013

Lead Web Developer

1. Make a web application to simulate physics lesson 2. Lead programmer team to make web application 3. Meet with the client and discuss about the requirement of application 4. Handle some requirement changes of application 5. Test, debug, and deliver the web application to the client

PT Lapi Divusi

2013 - 2013

IT Consultant

1. Give solution for Government Plantation Company how to implement ERP using Microsoft Dynamic AX 2. Define scope of project with client together 3. List all requirement for plantation company 4. Analyze the requirement d design system 5. Conduct a seminar with client and end user 6. Create documentation and user manual of system to client 7. Organize training for the clients to use Microsoft Dynamic AX

PT Jatis Solutions

2014 - 2015

Business Analyst

1. Meeting with client to capture the requirement of e-commerce system 2. Make a design or blueprint of e-commerce system in flow chart form 3. Make an user interface of e-commerce system 4. Give and explain the blueprint and user interface to developer 5. Create a test case as guideline to test the e-commerce system 6. Test e-commerce system in developer environment (alpha test) 7. Guide and teach the client to test e-commerce system (beta test) 8. Give a report to developer if there are some bugs in e-commerce system 9. Manage change request from the client about system specification

PT Saka Energi Indonesia

2015 - 2016

IT Analyst

1. Manage department communication site using Sharepoint 2. Analyze and design business application requirement 3. Develop new business application using Sharepoint 4. Support and maintain business application that has been developed

Education History

Institut Teknologi Bandung

2009 - 2014

Teknik Informatika