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About Me

My name is Willyson. You could consider me as an avid gamer and reader since it all began in my childhood, I used to read A LOT, be it football newspaper until novel and playing some games to enhance my problem solving and creativity traits or just to chill a little bit. As of this moment, I am a fresh-graduate with some entry-level experiences jobs that is looking for freelance experiences to build my portfolio. Jika anda ingin bekerja sama dengan orang yang bertanggung jawab, jujur dan berpikiran terbuka serta keinginan belajar yang tinggi, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Education History

University of Bunda Mulia
2012 - 2016

Bahasa dan Budaya Inggris

Head of Accomplished Community of English Speakers (2014-2015) First-placed Spelling Bee Competition of University of Bunda Mulia (2014) I am a student of English Language and Culture department with GPA of 3.2 and also I was the head of Accomplished Community of English Speakers which was to lead and create activity that was related to my department, English Language and Culture.

Employment History

Privately-Owned English Course
2013 - 2014

English Tutor

- Tutor English to 5-15 year old students. - Make sure that the students could apply the knowledge appropriately. - Maintain the classroom environment to be as fun as possible while not violating any rules in the same time.

PT. Sari Coffee Indonesia (Starbucks Indonesia)
2014 - 2015


- Serves about 200 orders per day and the number could increase to 500 orders per day when it is on weekend or public holiday. Talking about under-pressure? We could handle it! - Upselling! We are trained to multitask and that's including to sell foods so we do not need to throw them at night. - Maintain great and fun work environment. All is done professionally. - Cleanliness is our job too! We have to keep the area clean and especially our workplace. We hate dirty bar, it makes our coffee smells different. - As a Barista, we always view everything from customers' perspective. Thus, we always try to give our best service to the customers.

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