Willyson Eveiro

Creative Writer, I am.
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Employment History

Privately-Owned English Course

2013 - 2014

English Tutor

- Tutor English to 5-15 year old students. - Make sure that the students could apply the knowledge appropriately. - Maintain the classroom environment to be as fun as possible while not violating any rules in the same time.

PT. Sari Coffee Indonesia (Starbucks Indonesia)

2014 - 2015


- Serves about 200 orders per day and the number could increase to 500 orders per day when it is on weekend or public holiday. Talking about under-pressure? We could handle it! - Upselling! We are trained to multitask and that's including to sell foods so we do not need to throw them at night. - Maintain great and fun work environment. All is done professionally. - Cleanliness is our job too! We have to keep the area clean and especially our workplace. We hate dirty bar, it makes our coffee smells different. - As a Barista, we always view everything from customers' perspective. Thus, we always try to give our best service to the customers.

Education History

University of Bunda Mulia

2012 - 2016

Bahasa dan Budaya Inggris

Head of Accomplished Community of English Speakers (2014-2015) First-placed Spelling Bee Competition of University of Bunda Mulia (2014) I am a student of English Language and Culture department with GPA of 3.2 and also I was the head of Accomplished Community of English Speakers which was to lead and create activity that was related to my department, English Language and Culture.