Erlangga Satria Gama

Web Developer and Designer
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About Me

Graduated from The University of Melbourne with Bachelor of Science majoring in Computing and Software System. I have various experience in developing Wordpress Web during my college for organization and individual. Currently working as Ruby on Rails Developer in one of the biggest startup in Malaysia.

Employment History

Karir Komunika Pratama

2015 - 2015

Ruby on Rails Developer

The first career portal in Indonesia. It is currently a child company of PT.Kreatif Media Karya which is part of Elang Mahkota Teknologi (EMTEK) group. 1. Working with Ruby on Rails as back­end 2. ReactJS, Javascript, and CSS for front­end. 3. Practicing pair­programming (Test Driven Development) with Agile Software Development Methodology.

Hired Today

2016 - 2016

Ruby on Rails Developer

The company was originally Careerbuilder Indonesia. When I joined the company, it was on progress to be an independent company. Hired Today Indonesia is the name of the company right now. 1. Develop API for back­end with Ruby on Rails and MySQL as well as front­end with AngularJS.

Kaodim Sdn Bhd2

2016 - now

Ruby on Rails Developer

The largest services marketplace in South East Asia, based in Malaysia and currently serves 4 markets in South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippines). I work mostly with Ruby on Rails, SQL, and HTML with Test-Driven Development practices.

Education History

University of Melbourne

2012 - 2015

Bachelor of Science (Computing and Software System)

Several Projects : - 3D Android game using Unity, “Hell Rain” ( ) - Object Oriented Software Programming ­ 2D game with Java (Slick Library) - Web Information and Technology ­ Web Application with Machine Learning Algorithm to predict Melanoma and Acne Vulgaris by analyzing the picture from the user with Python (Sci­Kit Library), PHP, Javacsript(AJAX and Google Map API), JQuery, Bootstrap, CSS, and MySQL Database System ­ Web application with Python, Boostrap, Javascript(AJAX), JQuery, and MySQL -Software Modelling and Design ­ The Club­biz website application with Ruby on Rails Bootstrap, CSS, Javascript(AJAX and Google Map API), JQuery, and MySQL - Graphics and Interaction Programming ­ 3D Terrain using Diamond­Square Algorithm with C# - Graphics and Interaction Programming build a 3D game for Windows 8 with C#