Elsen Novraditya

Software Engineer (Android Developer)
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Employment History

Oberthur Technologies

2013 - 2014

Software Engineer

Job description: - Did Basic GSM training, Java Card training and Project training - Do feasibility study for the project - Create documentation and design for Application of the project - Develop Application of the project (Java Card applet, Android interface, Android application) - Create unit testing for the application - Support testing which is conducted by alpha tester and beta tester - Do research within Java Card Applet scope - Create method for CAL (Common Applet Library) to support Java Card Applet development - Create tools to support Java Card Applet development

Ice House

2013 - now

Software Staff Engineer

Job description: - Learn and research in Ruby on Rails, Android, Play Framework, and other cool technologies! - Do the Agile Software Development Life Cycle - Get involved in breaking down the functional requirement into stories - Get involved in estimating the story points - Develop web/backend application using Ruby on Rails - Develop mobile application using android - Build the unit test, functional test

Education History

Institut Teknologi Telkom

2009 - 2013

Informatics Engineering