Dany Aria Nasution

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Employment History

Citra Mandiri Kreatif Production (CMK Production)

2013 - 2015

Multimedia Design

I do not know what should I write here, which obviously I am happy to work in CMK Production.

Aer Global Solusindo

2012 - 2012

Editor Video

This was the beginning of my income from my hobby.

Education History

I only learned at home, Institute Home Study Jakarta (IHSJ)

2009 - 2012

Multimedia Design

I learned all this because I love it, I dropped out of school because of my behavior, no one to support me to go to school until I was at Introduced with editing software that makes me always fill my time with editing software, the brother of my friend, who happens to be freelance editor asked me to work with him, I began to follow in his footsteps in some EO (Event Organizer), among others, Aer Global Solusindo, Citra Mandiri Kreatif (CMK) production, Visi Anak Negeri (VAN) production,