Dwi Santoso

System Analyst
English Indonesian

About Me

Seorang yang sederhana dan ingin selalu menerapkan ilmu Teknik Industri di sektor telematika dan informatika.

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Education History

University of Indonesia
1996 - 2001

Industrial Engineering

Learn and study the knowledges how to engineer the industry using both technical and managerial know-how. My specialty is information system and system modelling

Employment History

2012 - now

Technical Consultant

Design system and its flow from business requirements, create standards, deliver consultancy from both business and technical point of view

Prima Kreasi Abadi
2010 - 2012

System Analyst

Translate and design system from business workflow and coordinate the implementation to application developers

Kedaung Group
2003 - 2009

IT Administrator

Develop web application, administrate network infrastructure, technical support for both software and hardware problems.

Kedaung Group
2001 - 2003

Production Planning and Inventory Control (PPIC)

Design the system workflow to have better PPIC using TQC, ISO, and Business Scorecard techniques.

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