Julia Kaelani

Graphic Designer
English Indonesian

About Me

I've learned about Photoshop and been doing Graphic Design since I was in High School which is more than 10 years ago. Understanding Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects for over 4 years. Learn 3D design by myself since 2012. Able to work in a team and under deadline pressure.

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Education History

Indonesia University of Education
2007 - 2014

Education of Arts and Crafts

Employment History

2014 - 2015

Creative Designer

Blackwood.Ent is an Event Organizing Company based in Bandung, I am responsible for designing poster events, proposal page layout, stage layout and also being a visual jockey. Here, I often deal with many artists and musicians. I was required to understand all theneeds to start an event from the planning, setup stage, FOH teamwork , until the pre-event evaluation.

2008 - 2008

Assistant Photographer

This was my summer job, I was responsible for assisting the photographers and most of the time taking care of editing and retouching the nal pictures. This job contributed a great deal in my ability to master Adobe Photoshop.

2013 - now

Visual Jockey

UVISUAL is a small group that we have made for UPI Arts graduates to develop talents in the field of multimedia. We get a lot of clients from various EO for events at nightclubs and also for various seminars at universities. I have full responsibility of stage visual and pre-show video editing. As one of a co-founder of UVISUAL, I also produce my own video contents and share it with my team. Therefore I am very familiar to operating multimedia softwares such as Resolume 4 Arena, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier.

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