Dina Vionetta

Freelance Writer
English Indonesian

About Me

I am a passionate writer and social media enthusiast. I am also very fond of culinary, traditional art, and loves travelling. Those things I am passionate have developed myself to do better work everytime. I am able to work fast and under-pressure without sacrificing quality of my works.

Employment History


2015 - now

Assistant Editor

Restobazaar.id is a website that talks mainly about foodservice business in Indonesia. My responsibilities for the websiteincludes: - Attending editorial meeting every week to discuss articles that will be prepared for the website. - Finding suitable and highly reputable source to be interviewed. - Interviewing the sources for every various article. - Attending press conferences and events with reference to food business. - Writing articles based on the interviews and editing it before it is published - Maintaining relations with clients and sources for keeping up with food news and latest F&B situation in Indonesia.

Education History

Universitas Padjadjaran

2010 - 2013

S1 Sastra Inggris

- Took Literature major and did my thesis about Sherlock Holmes. - Joined CIOFF (International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts) in my university which took me to a cultural festival in Poland.