Adyasha Gita

Personal Assistant, Creative Writer
English Indonesian

About Me

I am very active on the internet. I also have a lot experience with different layer and cultural customer. I am very structural person and very open anytime any day.

Employment History


2012 - 2015

children coordinator, bartender,

create event for kids, coordinate kids event

PT. Batavia Air

2009 - 2011

pasasi staff

ticketing staff - handling customer reservation, Re-cook, cancellation, check-in counter staff checking in customer, help customer to input their luggage boarding lounge staff serving passenger during their waiting in the boarding lounge

Fitness First

2014 - 2015

Front Desk Officer

handling complain from customer, helping their payment, and other membership needs

Education History

Univ Muhammadiyah Jakarta

2006 - 2009

Computer Science